Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working.


Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working.

One of the biggest bits of ‘advice’ floating around the internet about how to get your business noticed is by using Facebook advertising. The logic seems sound on the face of it – there are 32 million Facebook Users in the UK alone and that doesn’t include Instagram where Facebook Ads also appear. It’s also, on paper, far cheaper than other forms of Paid Marketing, often paying just a fraction of the cost per click than you would using Google Adwords for example.

when boosted facebook ads cost you money it's time to call in expert help.
But, in a conversation with a prospective client we found that in a test they’d paid £120 for an ad campaign on Facebook that reached 4356 people and saw just 39 clicks on their ad! They’d paid £3.08 per click, far more than they would of done with Adwords! The Click Through Rate was pretty dismal – just 0.89%. And how many leads were generated from that campaign? NONE.

Sound familiar? Let’s see why their (and your!) Facebook Ads just aren’t working!

Facebook as an environment for ads.

facebook as an environment for ads

Let’s start with a basic truth about what Facebook is. Facebook is SOCIAL Media. It’s a place where people come to find out what’s happening with friends, find out the latest gossip and look at cute pictures of cats. It’s not a place where they come to be sold goods and services. Yes, people might ask for recommendations for goods and services, but once again the important thing to remember is the social aspect of that. Your Facebook ads aren’t working because people aren’t coming onto the site with a ‘buying’ mindset.

You wouldn’t expect to grow crops in the Desert. Likewise, don’t expect to grow a Customer Base on Facebook. In research it has been found that upto 80% of users on Facebook ignore ads. Users can tell when something is an advertisement and will quickly scroll past it to get to more of the stuff they want. It’s not like when you are targeting consumers when they are information gathering when you advertise during pay per click. Instead, you are doing the equivalent of running up to a group of friends and shouting at them to buy your products. Nobody is going to be impressed.

Want hard figures to back up what we are saying? This great blog found that Social does not deliver purchasers (accounting for 1% of e-commerce sales, compared to 16% for email and 17% for cost per click) and that Social delivers poor conversions (with a conversion rate of 1.17% compared to 2.04% for search and 2.18% for email.)

Quite simply, it’s just not the right tool for the job. Most of the time…

Your product isn’t ‘sexy’ enough for Facebook.


So, as we said sometimes Facebook isn’t the right place for your advertising. Except when your products are ‘sexy’ enough to grab the attention of somebody scrolling through Facebook. Oddly enough, nobody is going to be getting excited by your Facebook Advert promoting your humdrum items, but something that ties into their identity? That’s more likely to get engagement. As you can see in the image above the ad has got plenty of attention. Why? Because it’s something more Social – you’d start a conversation with friends about a restaurant, so it seems less intrusive on Facebook.

If you have a product that you wouldn’t start a conversation about with friends then you probably don’t have a ‘Sexy’ enough product for Facebook.

Your Targeting is all wrong.

facebook ad targetting
If there’s one thing that Facebook adverts let you do very easily is target completely the wrong people. Some people think that by just ‘Boosting Posts in Your Local Area’ they are going to see a stampede of new customers. But, how many of these people are actually that interested in what you are offering? Is a 13 year old on Facebook the prime audience for your products? Probably not, but you’d be paying to reach them by merely boosting your posts.

There are much more complexed ways of targeting customers hidden away in the background of Facebook which can improve the efficiency of your ads targeting. But, go back to our previous two points and remember that you might be wasting time and resources even making a great targeted ad.

Pretty Damning For Facebook?

You might think that we are pretty down on Social Media. The truth is that whilst it isn’t perhaps the best tool for promoting your products and services, it is a vital tool for Customer Relationship Marketing. Social Media Marketing should be used as a tool to create a dialogue between you and the customer, but also customers and other customers. It’s about being a point of call for people with a problem or query about your products. It’s a place to develop a Social Relationship with your customers.

At 156Digital we are experts when it comes to developing social media marketing that will help to develop a great relationship between you and your customers. With a great deal of knowledge we can create campaigns that really work!

So what are you waiting for? Either use our contact form or give us a call on 01270 768821 today and take the first steps towards building an even stronger bond with customers.

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