Why You Shouldn’t Use Cheap SEO Experts


Why You Shouldn’t Use Cheap SEO Experts

Looking to develop your website traffic? Don’t use Cheap SEO Experts!


When it comes to building organic search traffic to a website we are seeing a growing trend in small businesses to outsource their digital work to SEO ‘Experts’ found on the likes of Fiverr. From talking to people that have used these types of sites the main draw has been the low price you pay. As you can see in the image above there are people on the web offering to ‘skyrocket your rankings’ for under £5!

If you are one of those people that have outsourced work to ‘SEO Experts’ in the past you will know that the results you get aren’t anything to brag about. Simply put, Search Engine Opitmisation isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ type of practice where one tactic can be repeated across multiple sites. A lot of the ‘experts’ that you will find on these websites will use the exact same formula regardless of the type of website. This can cause your website to contain irrelevant information which could in fact damage your search engine rankings.

As hosting company 123-reg.co.uk said in this recent blog search engines are looking more and more for high quality content. This is something that these so called ‘Experts’ just do not offer. What do we mean by that and what examples can we give? We’re glad you asked, let’s talk about where these ‘Experts’ fall down.

The Standard of English is horrible.

59% of British Consumers have been put off by a website that contains poor grammar and spelling. That should be enough to convince you of the importance from a consumer standpoint. Quite simply, if your business doesn’t come across as professional and competent then your website will have a hard time converting those users into buyers. It’s something that Search Engines have picked up on too. In it’s guidelines on what makes a high quality webpage Google specifically mention ‘Grammar or spelling mistakes’ as being a barrier to developing a high quality page.

The standard of English used by these so called experts is nowhere near the level it needs to be to develop a high quality page. Don’t believe us? Check out this description that one of these SEO Experts gave of his business.

poor grammar damages rankings

As you can see there are a massive number of grammatical and spelling errors in that small section alone. Could you imagine this guy updating all your pages for you? We are in no doubt that potential customers would be put off and search engines wouldn’t be too keen on your pages either. Many of these so called Experts have English as a second or even third language. They are unable to write to the high quality standard that customers clearly want to see.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation you need a fluent English speaker if you want the best results for your business. Likewise, if you are launching a foreign venture you would need a fluent speaker of the language of the market you are trying to launch into.

They Tend To Use Dubious Tactics.

Ask any Digital Marketing Expert what one of the most difficult aspects of their role is. The answer will almost certainly be link building. A link is a sign that somebody endorses the quality and content of a page and it’s something that search engines really like. The amount of work that goes into finding the right people to link to a page can be a tedious one and takes a lot of skill and perseverance. So, how can these ‘SEO Experts’ offer 1000 links to your website in a little under 24 hours. Most of them will have developed scripts to websites that offer to link to your website for absolutely free (they make money off ad revenue) and don’t tend to get that many actual hits at all. It’s very similar to when companies were buying fake followers on Social Media – on paper it looks like the company is far more popular than it is, but misses the actual point of having legitimate followers or links! Again, the likes of Google have cracked down on these unnatural linking practices and really devalued links that come from these types of websites. By asking one of these so-called experts to link your website to these sites you are asking for trouble.

‘Keyword Stuffing’ where a Keyword will be added to a page multiple times is also a common tactic used by these so called experts. Again, Search Engines are clued into these types of tactics and are actively discouraging people from using it. They suggest that the need for high quality output precludes the need for keyword stuffing and if your site gives users the experience they are looking for then there will be no need for this kind of tactic.

There’s No On-Going Support.

SEO is forever changing. As we’ve already discussed there are several tactics that were perfectly acceptable a number of years ago which have come to be frowned upon. Not just that, but when changes are made on your site there needs to be continual monitoring to ensure that the changes that have been made have indeed worked and to continue to make changes if they aren’t successful. Plus, Search Engines are constantly rolling out changes to how it ranks websites. SEO isn’t a job that can be done once and then left. You need a relationship with a company that will be looking out for your best interests and be proactive in adapting your website to best practice.

The relationship factor is a total non-entity with the ‘experts’ we have been talking about. Once they’ve got the money off you for this job, they are on to the next. There is no lasting relationship, nor is there any understanding about how your industry works which could help drive even more traffic to your site. In many ways by paying an agency you are paying to gain another set of eyes to look after your business.

To Conclude.

Hopefully we’ve brought to light some issues with these so called SEO Experts that you will consider when you are looking for help with your page rankings. There really is no ‘fast-way’ to the top other than creating quality content which really connects with your audience. Remember the old proverb ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice.’ You are far better off finding a agency that you can meet face to face and develop a working relationship with.

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