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web design

Looking for a new website to promote your business? Is your old site out of date? Just fancy a change? At 156Digital our Web Design team can create a new site for your business that will draw fresh customers to your site and increase both leads and sales into your business substantially.

At 156Digital we can offer to host, design and maintain your website. With our expert Digital Marketing skills also in place you can guarantee that your website will be an absolute success. If you are a small company looking for web design in Cheshire then we be sure to have a consultation with us before making your choice.

Our Web Design Philosophy.

At 156Digital we focus on creating sites tailored for small businesses. We don’t offer extravagant bespoke websites that need a manual to maintain. Instead we create your website on industry standard content management systems. This ensures a reliable ongoing service that will mean your site is available 24/7 for potential customers to browse.

Far too often we see sites that are design by web design companies that are just not fit for purpose. Often, as companies designing these sites are designers first they will not have the technical marketing knowledge required to make the website a successful marketing tool. With 156Digital we have a mix of knowledge. We have the know-how to create a site, but also the skills to ensure that it ranks well within Google and can draw new eyeballs to your business. We won’t leave pages blank or lacking content on them – by trusting us to design your site we will ensure that your website is ready to go from day one.
With over half of all browsing sessions in the UK taking place on mobile devices, the need for websites to be mobile friendly has never been as important. At 156Digital we ensure that all websites are mobile friendly and test all content on the site to ensure that everything works before we release it into the wild!

Our Web Design Process.

As part of the process we will meet with you to discuss your needs for your bespoke website. We understand that people will have different ideas and it’s great to sit down and discuss these with you. We will also discuss what level of support you need from us, for example you may have an existing website that needs a refresh, or you may want us to register a domain, host the site and build it for you!

We will also take the time to understand your business and products. We will work closely with you to get all the relevant information that customers will need on your site.

In order to keep a consistent brand identity we will use any of your existing brand guidelines during the development of your website.

Contact us for a Quote.

At 156Digital we would love to work on your bespoke website and can promise to look after the web design project from start to finish with an impeccable level of professionalism. To contact us and get the ball rolling towards us developing your new website you can either use our contact form or give us a call on 01270 768821. We look forward to hearing from you.