Taking Advantage of New Homes


Taking Advantage of New Homes

There’s been an explosion in the development of new homes in Cheshire. With the development of new homes comes a new set of customers for businesses in the local area, but the question is if your company is visible to these potential new customers?

Whereas you may have previously relied on local word of mouth to reach customers you now need to consider how visible your company is online. Why? More and more, people are relying on search engines to find out about businesses local to them. This means that if you don’t have an online presence, or if your online presence isn’t easily findable, then you risk losing out on a lot of potential new customers.

Let’s have a look at some ways you can make your business more visible to people just moving into the area.

1. Setting up your business on Google.

If you want your business to be found locally then it is absolutely crucial that you have setup a business account with Google. By setting up your business on Google your company will be displayed when people search for local businesses in your area.

Let’s imagine that somebody moves into the area and is looking for a new hairdresser. A company that has set themselves up as a business on Google will show on the search results. The customer will get the address of your company, basic contact details, a link to your website (if you have one setup) and any images that you choose to share as part of their search.

You even show up on Google Maps, giving you an extra boost of visibility for people who might not know the area well. Let’s take a look at how a brewery in the USA used Google Business to increase the visibility of their business.

As you can see in the video, setting up on Google Business was very important to their success and increased the number of customers visiting their premises. It’s something that’s very simple to do and if you don’t already have it in place is absolutely vital. If this is something you need help to setup we at 156Digital would be more than happy to help with!

2. Making sure you have a website.

Your business needs to have a website. It seems insane in 2017 that there are still companies who resolutely refuse to have a website developed for their company. Now, more than ever people are using search engines to inform purchasing decisions, so by having a website you can be part of the consideration.

Consider somebody who has just moved into the area looking for a new service. They may have found you on Google Business listings, but they might want a bit more information about your business before they make a visit. Your website is a great way to really express why a new customer should come to you and you can really use it as a platform to impress new customers.

But be wary, a bad site can be sometimes be more damaging than having no website at all. Plenty of times we have seen companies attempt to build their own websites and they end up looking terrible. It is far better to bring in web design specialists such as ourselves to develop a website for you. Even better, our services won’t break your bank and will cost far less than you think!

3. Being visible on Search Engines.

You need to ensure that if you do have a website that it is visible on search engines. To do this you need to ensure that your website has had SEO Services carried out on it.

SEO will help to get a page that both customers and search engines love. This helps in two ways. Firstly, customers are more likely to visit your business if they are engaging with the content on your website. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it is well worth getting in SEO Experts to develop the content on your website to appeal to customers.

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By carrying out SEO work you are also more likely to see your website go up the rankings on search engines and become more visible to people searching for your services. Experts such as ourselves know what search engines are looking for and can tailor your site to perform better. This will mean more visitors and ultimately more sales for you.

Are You Ready?

So, with those key points in mind you need to ask yourself if your company is ready to take advantage of these new homes. If your Digital output isn’t up to scratch then you need to contact us at 156Digital to get your company ready for the tidal wave of new customers that should be heading your way! We even offer a FREE consultation to devise a digital marketing strategy for your company.

You can either contact us using our contact form or by giving us a call on 01270 768821. You will be glad you did.

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