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Why SEO Matters

Why improving the SEO of your site is so important.

SEO Experts
It’s another frustrating day in your office. You’ve looked once, twice, thrice in your e-mail inbox to see if there’s been any leads coming your way. There isn’t. You were told when you had that company develop your new, expensive website that the leads would roll in. But they aren’t. Instead you’re left with a white elephant of a website and a feeling of dread that your websites never going to work. The cause? That fancy new site you have hasn’t had any SEO Services carried out and is now a flashy waste of money.

Not enough Cooks – An SEO analogy.

Most people talk about SEO but don’t really understand what it is when we talk about it. Simply put, SEO experts such as ourselves will put our skills and experience together to make a user experience that will really help your business and move it up the rankings.

Think of us as chefs. Anyone can take raw ingredients and throw them together to make a meal, but it takes a really skillful chef to take everyday ingredients and make it something special. Chances are that your website already has the basic ingredients to become an absolutely great marketing tool, but you need the expert help to really get it there. Sometimes there will be small ingredients that will be missed that would really make the meal. Again, it takes a skilled chef to know this and SEO is no different. There will be small things that we can do that will really improve your SEO ranking.

But Why is Ranking Highly So Important?

SEO Ranking can either make or break a business. Rank highly on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and the chance of potential customers clicking the link to your website improves dramatically. Take a look at this image which shows the likelihood of a user clicking the corresponding result on a search engine.

As the above image shows being the top ranking for a search means you are more than five times more likely to be viewed than if your page ranks at number 8 on the Search Engine Results Page. Granted, the image doesn’t take into account any variables such as quality of copy in the description of a page, but the important of getting that top ranking is very important. As Search Engines continue to develop users get a much more personalised set of results, so getting a universal number one is much less important. You absolutely need to be in the mix though and have SEO in place to get into those high traffic placements.

How Do I get my page there?

This is the million dollar question we are asked by clients. Unsurprisingly, Search Engines are not too explicit about how they rank pages. What they will tell us though is that pages need to offer users high quality content. What’s meant by that? Google have released guidelines which essentially give us something to work towards. They define high quality content as:
Useful and informative: If your customer is searching for a new vacuum cleaner then they should be directed to a page about vacuum cleaners. Stronger pages will give customers all the information they require to inform a purchasing decision. This might be elements such as the price, the technical specifications and the energy rating of the cleaner. A less useful page might just have a buy now button. By thinking about what a consumer might ask when buying your product or service and trying to answer those questions on your page you’re more likely to have a high quality page.
Credible:Can you show what you are claiming is true? For example, if the vacuum cleaner has a good energy rating could this be demonstrated by linking to the manufacturers site. Customer reviews also help – they add a great air of trustworthiness to a page.
High Quality: Is the description of our vacuum cleaner unique, or is it one that the manufacturer has written and can be found in hundreds of different places on the web. By creating something special for customers we are more likely to be useful to them.
Engaging: Is the page designed in a way that lets the user understand what is being written? Are they being put off by poor spelling or are they being harassed by pop-ups? If the page is designed poorly then there’s a good chance it isn’t engaging either.

As you can see SEO has changed markedly over the past few years. No longer is it about creating a page Search Engine Algorithms like, it’s about creating a page that actual people will like. Do yourself a favour next time you are fretting over a lack of leads – take a look at your website and ask yourself if you’d purchase from it. If the answer is no then it sounds like you need Expert SEO advice.

156Digtial – SEO Experts.

At 156Digital we pride ourselves on our SEO know how and experience in helping pages rank well on Search Engines. It isn’t an instantaneous process, we need to put the work in to truly develop your page into a great user experience. But, given the time we are sure that we can help get your SEO disasters back on track.

So what did we learn about why SEO is so important?

  • A higher ranking page on a Search Engine Results Page is more likely to get traffic and theefore more likely to get leads.
  • Search Engines like high quality web content that engages with users. In many ways the way to be ‘good’ at SEO is to create pages that customers love.
  • SEO is a process, in many ways it’s a medal after creating something truly worth recognition.
  • So, if you are striving to reach for that Gold standard of SEO maybe it’s time you spoke to us. Together we can tackle the SEO of your website and create something that your customers will love.