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I’m not getting Sales on my site. What am I missing?

At 156Digital we like to help you turn your site into an e-commerce dream. Many small companies we talk to really struggle to drive sales online. The problem that a lot of sites have is that they can have the world’s best product, but they just haven’t invested in making sure that their pages are optimised for search engines.

With 52% of e-commerce sales coming through organic searches by consumers there is a vital need for you to carry out Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your website. By carrying out some of the basics of SEO you will undoubtedly see traffic increase to your website, and with it sales of your products will increase.

Let’s take a look at an example of a site where SEO work hasn’t been carried out to see where the problems can occur.

Case Study: An unoptimised site.

unoptimised web page

We took this example from the Shopify forum. The owner of the site was asking why they weren’t getting much traffic through to their store. A review of the SEO for the site revealed a number of problems that we would recommend making changes to in order to boost traffic.

The first real problem that we see is that it appears that no keyword research has been done. It looks like whoever has developed this page has labelled the product as a hat. It should come as no surprise that ‘hat’ is a pretty popular search term. In turn, Google brings up 1,880,000,000 search results for ‘hat’. That’s One Billion, Eight Hundred and Eighty Million pages. What are the chances of getting your small company to the top page of results? Quite literally one in a billion (and more!)

Solution:Target niche keywords that your customer are likely to search for. In the example we see that the product has been described as a ‘Strapback.’ A search for ‘Strapback hats’ brings up far less results, in fact just 0.03 of the results brought up for ‘hat’! Whilst there may be fewer searches, this narrowing is more likely to see you reach the customers interested in your product.

The next problem that we see is that the title and meta description aren’t too appealing. Why are these important? Titles and meta descriptions are what a search engine serves up to a user when they perform a search for products or services as the image below shows.
example of an SEO optimised Title and Meta Description.

So what’s wrong with these on the page we are looking at? The title of the page is ‘Cross Bones Hat | ClasickSociety.’ The title is the first thing that a potential customer is going to see, so it makes sense to include a unique selling point or call to action in the title of your page. It should also include the keyword for the page at least once. It’s mentioned that one of the USP’s for the site is that all of the products are hand stitched by local artisans in California. Taking that into consideration we might change the page title to:

“Cross Bones Strapback Hat | Hand Stitched in California | ClasickSociety.”

Let’s break down that title. We have the keyword in there (strapback hat) and a Unique Selling Point. We even have space to put the brand in. Also note that the title is written in ‘Title Case’ where the first letter of each word is capitalised. This helps it stand out more on SERP’s results pages to potential customers.

So what about the next part, the actual page description? Again, this needs to be built around persuading the customer to click the link to your page. Again, we need to include the keyword to increase the relevance of the search result to the consumer. We should also include some details about the service that we are providing.

Let’s look at the current meta description. Currently the description for this page is ‘Black Hat Front: White Cross-bone Logo Back: Red & White Embroidery & Clasick ‘AKA ** StrapBack , Dad Hat, Pol Hat **”. Again, this is something that needs urgently addressing. There’s nothing that tells us about the USP of the hat, the keyword isn’t evident and it’s unlikely to draw anyone in. We have 150 characters to really sell our product here. Take a look at the meta description we’d suggest.

‘Black ‘Crossbones’ Strapback hat just $22 – 20% off while stocks last. Proudly handmade in the USA. Fast Shipping with International Shipping available.’

Again, let’s break down the meta description. We’ve been careful to once again include the keyword for this product in the meta description. We’ve also included the price which will be important if we are targeting buyers – as well as nothing that it’s on sale and adding a sense of urgency. We’ve also added the brand’s USP in the meta description once again and provided further information we think customers might look for.

The best way to think about your title and meta description is that it is your shop window on the Search Engine results page High Street. If it isn’t designed in a way to entice customers in, then you aren’t likely to get many sales.

Product Descriptions.

Another problem with this page is that it is lacking a true product description. In essence, it might not be seen by search engines as being very useful at all and may result in the page not being indexed on Google. The product description should be where you really entice the customer to buy your product or service. Think about the questions that you get asked on a regular basis by customers and really try to answer these. The more relevant content you can put on your pages the more likely it is a customer will buy from you. Don’t forget to include your keyword in the product description.

As a rule, search engines understand that e-commerce pages might be a little short on text and may repeat certain elements throughout the site. For example, you may repeat the shipping process throughout your site. Google won’t see this as ‘thin content’ so don’t be afraid to put it in. Where Google will penalise you is where it sees content from other sites merely copy and pasted onto your site.

Finally, think about the product image. Ideally, this will be saved with your keyword in the file name. It can also be worth using a software program designed to reduce the file size of pictures (irfanview is a great tool we use.) This will help your product images load much quicker, which can again be a key factor in people leaving your site.

Summing Up.

It’s becoming easier than ever to start your own business to sell products online. The difficult part is developing your website to really get great traffic coming into your website and you should always consider the importance of SEO when developing your website.

Don’t have the time or technical skill to handle your sites SEO? At 156Digital we offer professional SEO Services in Cheshire and it is our aim to help small businesses reach their potential online. If you would like to talk to us about improving your sites SEO then simply use our contact form to get in touch.