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Are SEO Services Worth it?

One question we get asked by prospective clients is ‘Are SEO Services Worth It?’ Our answer? Absolutely! We firmly believe that SEO Services are the key to a healthy Digital Marketing plan and without an investment of time and money in SEO then you will struggle to bring in new customers online.

Where the distinction lies is the price between paying for Good SEO Services and those who don’t really understand what they are doing. We’ve spoken before about how you can waste money on SEO Services by employing the wrong people to do the work for you. Good quality SEO work, as we provide at 156Digital can be the difference between a profitable online business and a business failure.

So why do we think SEO Services are worth it? Let’s talk about three points that will convince you that investing in SEO is a must!

1. You need to be visible online.

seo results
Look at the example above. How do you think that Debenhams, New Look and House of Fraser got into those positions? Luck? There’s no luck involved at all. Those three companies have invested heavily in making sure that their pages meet SEO best practice. The result? They move up the search rankings and are more likely to be found by people interested in buying blue shoes. It’s been reported that 22% of sales online are driven by organic search making it the biggest driver of sales digitally. If you want to ensure that this organic traffic is finding your website then you need to invest in SEO.

You don’t need to be targeting big products. Even small, local businesses need to invest in SEO to ensure that local users can find them on the internet. The amount of clients we speak to who bemoan the lack of activity on their sites who haven’t invested in SEO is staggering. Without really engaging in SEO activities (leaving your site either not in search engine rankings or left way down) your site will be unable to fulfill its potential as a great source of leads for your business.

2.It has a direct effect on other digital marketing activities.

There are some that will argue that instead of investing money into SEO that you should just pour money into pay per click advertising. Their rationale is that you will get to the top of the Search Engine rankings anyway and that you can do it far quicker.

The problem with that rationale is that it ignores the importance of the page that a user is sent to. The user needs to have a good experience when they get to a landing page, and user experience is the central tenant to SEO. If you are determined to spend money on PPC then it is far better to split your budget and spend some on improving the SEO on your pages before launching any campaigns. Why? By investing in existing pages the content on them can be made more likely to convert a user to a customer. Plus, Search Engines will look at the quality of a page when determining how much they pay per click. If you invest in SEO Services and improve the quality of these pages beforehand then it is far more likely you will pay less for your campaigns and get a better return on investment.

seo services in cheshire

3.A Fresh Set Of Eyes On Your Marketing.

By paying for SEP Services you get the advantage of another set of eyes looking at the way you are marketing your business. It may transpire that way you describe products isn’t they way that the general public search for them. It’s things like this that an SEO Expert will give. Also consider the time that you can spend more productively on making your business better in other areas if somebody else is looking after the SEO.

So are SEO Services Worth It?

If you don’t want to be competitive online, want to pay far more for other services and waste your tme trying to get your page to rank, then no, SEO Services aren’t worth it. But, if you want to make the most out of your website and want to spend your time productively elsewhere then they are absolutely worth it!

So what are you waiting for? Either use our contact form or give us a call on 01270 768821 today and take the first steps towards your website bringing in even more traffic with great SEO Services.