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Is your website not getting the traffic you want? Are the pages on your website buried deep in the search results pages on Search Engines? Are your pages not indexed on Search Engines? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need our SEO Services. By bringing in professional SEO Experts you will be able to turn your website into a treasure trove of leads and sales for your company.

Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO) is an absolutely vital part of any digital marketing strategy. SEO, in the simplest form, is making sure search engines show your pages when people are searching for products or services that you offer via your website. 156Digital offer SEO Services in Cheshire to a range of businesses and we are sure that we could help you.

We find out which keywords your potential customers are using to find your site and others like it. You are guaranteed to be missing keywords that could lead to some great quality leads for your business. It may be that some keywords need a little work to get them performing well. Using our years of experience we will develop an SEO strategy right for you.
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What are SEO Services?

At this point you might be confused as to what Search Engine Optimisation is. SEO is the development of pages on a website to get it ranking higher when a user carries out a search. It should come as no surprise that the closer you are to the top of the rankings page the more likely you are to get traffic.
seo expert cheshire

But, SEO isn’t about creating a page that Search Engines like, it’s about creating a page that engages users. More and more, Search Engines are looking for high quality content that satisfies a users needs. This means developing pages for your business that inform and help a customer. The more engaged a user is with a site the more likely they are to make a purchase or enquiry.

At 156Digital we offer SEO Services focused on developing your site into a high quality marketing asset that both users and Search Engines love.
seo services in cheshire

An SEO Strategy Developed Together.

Less reputable SEO Services will promise the Earth to you. They will claim that they can use a simple formula to get you to the top of the rankings in a month for very little money. If it seems too good to be true, it is! Search engines are ever evolving and are dedicated to clamping down on underhand tactics to get a page ranking well. Furthermore, these types of companies tend to overlook important on-page factors that could be affecting your page rankings. This can include a lack of a call to action, missing information or technical errors that could see your page plunge down the rankings.

We develop a strategy to ensure that your website’s content is hitting the right notes with Search Engines. From keyword analysis to looking at User Experience we ensure that everything is right with your page. We will provide you with a sustainable digital marketing campaign that will improve your rankings and keep you there.

We are always keeping abreast of the latest changes in the SEO world. This ensures our clients have the most up to date digital marketing plan. We take a proactive approach to SEO. A quick response to Google updates and the ever-changing rules of the industry is guaranteed so that it doesn’t affect your site. Our strategies are tailored to each business, and we are used to working within a range of budgets and for clients in all industries.

High Quality Work and Comprehensive Reporting.

At 156Digital we provide comprehensive reports which detail all the work done over the course of the campaign. This report includes the site’s performance based on the goals that we set for the campaign. Findings can be reported through face-to-face review meetings in plain English, without complex technical terms. If you prefer we can also produce these as electronic reports that you can review at your own leisure.

Meet your Business Goals Faster!

It’s simple, the SEO Services we offer substantially increases traffic to our clients’ websites. This means more sales enquiries and more revenue for you. You might have the best product in the world, but if nobody can find your site, it just won’t sell and your website becomes the ultimate white elephant.

156Digital ensure that your website is put in front of prospective customers who want to find the product or service that you are selling, and to convert these searches into sales. We even offer a FREE SEO consultation for companies with 30 miles of our Cheshire office. We want you to know that we have the expertise to help.

We work on a month to month rolling contract, so you won’t be trapped in a contract for long periods if you have a down turn in business, not that you will with the amount of customers we will be bringing in for you!

So what are you waiting for? Either use our contact form or give us a call on 01270 768821 today and take the first steps towards your website bringing in even more traffic.
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