PPC Management

At 156Digital our paid search approach encompasses Pay Per Click, social, remarketing and display. All working towards the central goal of driving a direct and hugely measurable return on investment for your company. We recognise that nearly all companies use some form of paid search activity. What really sets us at 156Digital apart from the rest is our experience and expertise. We ensure that we deliver campaigns that will capitalise the most on your budget spends.

Paid-for advertising is becoming more and more important for businesses reliant on the web for sales. Clients we have spoken to have attributed 40-60% of sales made online to PPC. If you are struggling to get customers converting then PPC is for you.

PPC Management.

Adwords Management
Paid search is a great way to target customers when they are searching for goods and services that your company offers. It gives your business the opportunity to be visible for relevant, popular search terms that will drive visits and sales.

As part of our service we use insights from your paid search campaigns to continually develop the overall digital marketing strategy and to make it even more efficient. In addition we also test different search terms, selling points and ads to improve performance. We then use this data to highlight and inform opportunities across other channels.

156Digital are experts when it comes to using Google Adwords. We hold Google Adwords Certification so you can be assured that the service we provide will meet the benchmarks for Adwords campaigns. This means even better results for you!

Display and Remarketing.

Through display marketing we can greatly improve the amount of potential customers you reach and increase levels of brand awareness. By working across specialist display platforms and gaining a clear understanding of your potential audience we will make sure your campaigns and being targeted at the right kinds of people in the right kinds of places.

Remarketing to an audience that has already engaged with your brand delivers increased revenue at low costs. We ensure that those customers who don’t convert on your site are reminded of you at key moments to encourage them to complete their journey.

Paid Social.

Getting your brand in front of the right demographics is the basis of any targeted marketing campaign. Pushing your content through paid social media strategies ticks this box. It provides you with the platform to push your brands content further than you ever thought possible. This not only keeps you front of mind for existing customers, but also picking up new ones along the way.

Meet your Business Goals Faster!

It’s simple, the work we do substantially increases relevant traffic to our clients’ websites. This means more sales enquiries and more revenue. You might have the best product in the world, but if nobody can find your site, it just won’t sell. We give you the power to attract prospective customers who want to find the product or service that you are selling, and to convert these searches into sales.

With Pay Per Click Advertising you get the opportunity to target customers directly when they are searching for a product or service you offer. You can have the product they want in front of them in mere seconds. What more could you ask for?