Why Not Many Followers Isn’t A Problem.


Why Not Many Followers Isn’t A Problem.

It’s not uncommon to head into a meeting with a client and to hear the words ‘We want more Facebook Likes.’ Our follow up to this question is always the same – ‘Why?’

We’ve always been told that ‘Bigger is Better’ and we carry this philosophy into social media marketing. However, by the end of this blog we will hope to educate you as to why worrying about the reach of your Social Media accounts is the wrong approach when it comes to marketing.

Sure, with more people liking your page you may reach more people with your content. But, how many of those people are actually looking to purchase your products and services at that exact point? We can guarantee you that it’s not a particularly high figure, unless you’ve build up a highly engaged audience.

Fans, not participants.

Let’s get something very important out of the way first. Most people who like a page on Facebook will not be directly engaging with the content you post. In fact SocialSamosa found that just 1% of users that liked a Facebook page even bothered to visit the Businesses’ Facebook page.

So what does that mean? Let’s say your page has 100 likes. Of those likes only one person is likely to be directly engaged with the content you are producing. This is backed up by click through rates of Facebook posts which show that most have a Click Through Rate of under 1%. We showed in another blog the experiment that a client had set up which saw a CTR of just 0.84% so the experience is pretty consistent throughout.

Social Burnout.

Users on Social Media became quickly burned out by businesses promoting goods and services on Facebook. A survey found that 80% of users ignore Ads on Facebook – simply because it isn’t what they are interested in. It should come as no surprise that as users gradually become more and more jaded with the presence of businesses on Facebook that the amount of people liking pages on Facebook is reducing dramatically. Locowise found that September 2016 saw the smallest growth in the number of pages liked by users. In essence we have reached a plateau in the growth of Social Media as a marketing tool.

If Not Follower Numbers, what should we focus on?

If we are discarding the importance of follower numbers as a performance indicator for our social media marketing what should we being looking at? The most important metric we should be focusing on is the engagement that each post brings. This means that rather than focusing time and energy into finding more followers we should be putting it into creating content that resonates with our existing audience and develops their intent to buy.

We should be looking at the amount of traffic generated by our Social Media accounts and the return on investment that produces.

Essentially we should be looking at Social Media Marketing the same way as we would any other form of marketing.

Take your eggs out of one basket.

Hopefully, you are not a company that just uses Facebook to promote your business. But, if you are we suggest looking at other ways to promote your business. Whether that is via the development of a new website or looking at other forms of advertising such as pay per click.

We don’t want to discourage you from using Social Media as a marketing tool. Stick with it. Stay on it. Do what you need to do. What we caution against, as we do with our clients, is pursuing a Facebook likes crusade. Likes themselves are fine, but they can be misleading and are worth nothing on paper. Is it worth spending that kind of money on a vanity metric?

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