Should I Buy Twitter Followers?


Should I Buy Twitter Followers?

should I buy Twitter Followers

Ever been tempted to boost up your social media following by buying Twitter followers? It’s a conversation that comes up time and again with clients who believe that the best way to boost their profile on social media is to purchase followers.

So what does buying Twitter followers actually entail? Essentially you pay a company that has taken the time to setup up thousands of fake profiles to start following your company on Twitter. The theory behind it is that by having more followers you will look like a reputable, influential figure to the man on the street. Also, you should be reaching lots more people with every tweet, right?

Why Buying Twitter Followers is Stupid.

There’s no way round it. If you have paid for Twitter followers in the past you are stupid (and we have some magic beans you might be interested in..) By purchasing Twitter followers you are essentially throwing money down the drain. As we’ve already stated, when you buy Twitter Followers you are just purchasing fake profiles that have been set up so that you have a bigger ‘Follower’ number. They aren’t going to respond to your marketing, they aren’t going to be making any purchases and they certainly aren’t going to be influencing anyone.

We’ve even seen sites which suggest that their fake profiles can retweet your tweets for an extra fee. But who exactly are these fake profiles retweeting to? Other fake profiles. Are you going to gain anything from these exchanges? No, absolutely nothing, we guarantee it.

It can also damage your reputation. If you saw a local family run business from your vicinity on Twitter with over 100,000 followers you’d be pretty shocked. Doing a bit of digging, you find out that all of these followers are fake. What do you think of the company now? In all reality, you probably think a little less of them after finding out about that lie. You start to think about what other lies they’ve told you. You decide that you can’t trust that business and won’t use it again. This isn’t a hypothetical situation, it’s a genuine story from one of our friends. Fake followers damage your reputation with real followers.

As Gary Vanynerchuk points out in an excellent blog post about people purchasing fake followers, the amount of followers you have makes absolutely no difference to the effectiveness of your marketing. What is important is getting followers who are interested in the products and services that you offer and tailoring your social media output to increase conversion rates from your tweets.

But I’ve Heard Buying Twitter Followers Helps with Brand Visibility.

People bandy around the ‘Social Proof’ argument to attempt to justify purchasing Twitter Followers. However, there has never been a single study that shows that customers will be more tempted to buy from companies with more followers on Twitter.

‘Social Proof’ is mainly conjecture developed from a intentional misunderstanding of the word of mouth model. Do you check how many followers a product has on Twitter before you buy it? No, and neither does anybody else.

So what should we do?

Focus more on creating great content that works towards getting current followers to purchase from you. If you don’t have many followers really work to engage with them, spread the news of your Twitter account on other channels or just accept that maybe it isn’t the channel for you!

At 156Digital we offer social media management services in Cheshire. If you want to make the most out of your current social media channels then please get in touch with us via our contact page. At 156Digital we promise you that you will see a great improvement in your Social Media Marketing returns without a fake follower in sight!

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