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How Less Is Becoming More With E-Mail Marketing


There has been some interesting reading coming out of research into how companies are sending e-mails that is well worth thinking about when putting together your next e-mail marketing campaign.

Research by SendGrid has found that companies are now sending fewer e-mails to clients. The average company now sends out 8.1 emails a month in 2017 when compared to 9.6 in 2016. Where it get’s interesting though is that with this reduced frequency has come a higher open rate, increasing from 26.3% in 2016 to 30.7% in 2017.

In many ways it isn’t surprising news. Even way back in 2009 it was reported that 65% of UK Consumers felt that 75% of e-mails they were receiving were irrelevant to them. With companies looking to boost short-term sales with badly thought out e-mail campaigns they are actually burning bridges between themselves and their customers. It seems that the lessons are slowly being learned and companies are starting to learn less is more.

How should this change your next e-mail campaign.

Before another e-mail is sent in the name of your company you need to have a serious think about your current strategy. As the existing research shows sending e-mail after e-mail to prospective customers just isn’t going to boost sales for your company. A much smarter response is needed.

Think about who is actually getting your e-mails. One of the major bugbears for customers is getting e-mails which seem to have no direct relevance to their current situation. If you are just sending out blanket e-mails to your entire list then it’s highly likely that a lot of your list aren’t going to be interested. Think more about segmenting your list so customers get e-mails much more closely linked to their wants and needs.

How is it different from other content. One of the worst types of e-mails is the straight copy and paste from a Social Media site. If the customer is already following the company on Social Media then they are going to be burned out by the message already. Look at e-mail as a way of developing the relationship you have with customers, whether it’s offering incentives to existing clients or providing news they’d be interested in. Don’t clog up their inboxes with junk they’ve already seen.

Know when to cut your losses. If a customer hasn’t opened your past 14 e-mails it’s unlikely they are going to be too receptive to the message in your 15th. Sometimes, removing people from your lists and adding new prospects can be much more rewarding. If they are interested in what you have to say then they will undoubtedly find their own way back.

Need Help With Your Next Campaign?

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Attack Pro Wrestling boost customer re-engagement with e-mail campaign

E-mail Marketing Case Study

“By taking advantage of 156Digital’s great knowledge of E-Mail Marketing we were able to reconnect with customers we previously thought we lost. This made a big difference to the attendance at our shows. They became much more profitable on the night.”
Attack Pro Wrestling.

156Digital’s Key achievements on this job.

  • Curation of a Customer E-mail database for Attack Pro Wrestling.
  • Following Brand Guidelines to create branded e-mails to send to lapsed customers.
  • Driving 20% extra traffic to Attack’s website, revenue up by 15% in this period.
  • The Brief.

    Attack Pro Wrestling are an entertainment business who run shows across the UK. Towards the end of 2016 they found that whilst their shows remained profitable, there was a problem with customer retention. Many of the customers that were purchasing tickets from Attack were only making it to one or two shows then disappearing.

    With Attack selling tickets to their events primarily online 156Digital were asked to come up with a strategy to reengage with Attack’s lapsed customers and convert them back into paying customers.

    The work.

    First, 156Digital carried out a consultation with Attack Pro Wrestling to see where the companies strengths and weaknesses lay. This showed that Attack had a great Social Media presence which was bringing in a lot of customers. The company had a solid grip on it’s own brand identity and this was being presented well through these channels.

    Moving further into the consultation it became apparent that Attack had no e-mail marketing campaign set up. At 156Digital we saw this as a massive missed opportunity. As Attack sell the majority of tickets through it’s website they have access to a huge customer database of e-mail addresses. We checked that the company had the right to use the e-mail addresses for marketing purposes and then moved on to curating lists.

    The customer database that we acquired from Attack needed to be made into a serviceable e-mail list. We spent a while working through the database to create an overall marketing list, but also segmenting the list based on where the customer had purchased tickets for. This segmentation allowed for much more targeted e-mails to be sent. For example, only customers purchasing Bristol tickets would get news about Bristol shows.

    From there we worked with Attack to develop their campaign. Attack provided us with the copy and any images that they would like to appear in the e-mails. Many of this was already produced for Social Media so a reuse of assets made sense on this occasion. For our part we put the campaign together and inserted calls to action to really make the e-mails work towards the goal of selling more tickets.

    How’s it applicable to my business?

    Much of the work we described would be applicable to any business. The amount of companies that will have a list of customer e-mails already that just isn’t used is staggering. E-Mail Marketing is a very cheap way to reconnect with customers and keeps your brand awareness high among the customer base. In fact, E-mail is very often overlooked. As Monetate state 4.24% of visitors from email marketing buy something as compared to 2.49% of visitors from search engines and 0.59% from social media. Could you be sitting on a gold mine in terms of your customer e-mail database?

    The results.

    Attack were definitely sat on a gold mine. After the first round of e-mails were sent there was an upsurge in visitors to their site with an increase traffic rate of 20%. Due to changes in how Social Media companies distribute content many of these customers had missed upcoming events. With these customers reconnected with the number of tickets sold rose to new levels. The company reported that revenue from sales of tickets had risen by 15% for it’s firs tranche of shows after the e-mails had been sent.

    Overall, the case study shows how well e-mail marketing works. It’s a resource that many companies have the potential to tap into but are not unable to. Let 156Digital help you do just that. Use our contact form to get in touch and let’s talk about how we can make E-mail work for you.