No Nonsense Digital Marketing Help For Small Businesses.

For many small businesses Digital Marketing is a confusing and scary prospect that can see budgets evaporate right before your eyes. You’ve been told that by getting Digital Marketing right that you’ll be in the fast lane for success and earning six figure sums through your website in no time. Armed with this dream of big money you’ve probably be told about 600 different ways of doing things by different people, but nothing seems to be working and you aren’t seeing much benefit from Digital Marketing at all. You start to wonder if it’s time to shut down your website and start posting kitten pictures on Facebook just to get people to like your business. Sound familiar?

Enter 156Digital.

At 156Digital we want to get you back into that fast lane to a website generating the six figure (at the least) sums. After over 6 years experience in the Digital Marketing workplace and working with companies that went from struggling to sell even a single product online to generating massive sales online we are here to help local businesses in Cheshire reach their potential. Unlike other agencies who fob you off with a wet behind the ears graduate with a superiority complex we are a company that genuinely wants to get to know you and your business. It takes an understanding of where the business sits to create a Digital Marketing Strategy that will truly work. At 156Digital we aren’t here to prescribe a quick fix – we are here to help develop your business in the long-haul.

We speak to our clients in plain English. Don’t worry if you don’t know what a Sales Funnel, CTR or CPM are. We will talk to you in a way that makes this Digital Marketing malarkey make sense.

Why we want to help.

It was a quiet night in a local tavern in Middlewich when somebody asked a question – ‘You Do Digital Marketing, Right?’ A simple conversation starter, but one that prompted the response ‘Yeeaahhh…why?’ What followed was a 2 minute explanation as to how this humble kitchen fitter from Cheshire had been approached by a Warrington based ‘Agency’ to develop his website and bring in massive amounts of traffic. Except it wasn’t happening. In fact quite the opposite was happening, he was getting far fewer leads. A cursory glance at his website revealed why – this bunch of cowboys had not the slightest idea about SEO and had build a page that was putting people off right away.

From that point we got to thinking – how many other companies are there in Cheshire alone that could do with help with Digital Marketing from people that actually know what they are talking about? The answer, it seems, is far more than we thought. With horrible content littering websites, inefficient Pay Pay Per Click Campaigns and Social Media Campaigns hitting wide of the mark it seemed that local businesses really needed our help.

So do we do Digital Marketing? Yeah, we do. We’re pretty good at it too.

That’s Nice. How Can You Help Me?

At 156Digital everything we do goes towards helping you. Want some proof that we can walk the walk and actually understand what we are talking about? Why not check out this blog on 5 common sins we see on websites every day that ensures that they don’t get the traffic that they want.

Or maybe you are thinking that finding a cheaper option off a crowdsourcing website like Fiverr might be a better idea than paying for our expertise? This blog explains why that is a bad idea.

We generally start with new clients by discussing their SEO needs – we explain a little more about our SEO services on this page.

Let’s Get You In The Fast Lane!

Ready to accept our help and see your business grow? Want to have a more in-depth chat about what we can do. Want a free consultation (within 30 miles of Sandbach) about what we can do for you? Then you need to get in touch with us, either via our contact page or by giving us a call on 01270 768 821.

We’re looking forward to helping you back into the fast lane and developing your business into a success story.